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Silva Explore 45CB Sitzrucksack

Silva Explore 45CB Sitzrucksack
Silva Explore 45CB Sitzrucksack
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  • Einklappbarer Sessel - Aufbewahrung und Sitzmöglichkeit in einem
  • Wasserdicht - designt um auch bei schlechten Wetterbedingungen voll funktionstüchtig zu sein
  • Extra haltbar - verstärktes Material im Bodenbereich
  • Komfortables Tragen - adjustierbare und gepolsterte Riemen und Hüftgurt
  • Reflektierende Bereiche - auch im Dunkeln gut sichtbar

Backpack and Chair – All in one

It’s when you leave your comfort zone that you can experience the most inspiring moments. However, you shouldn’t be ashamed of being comfortable once in a while. One of many great things with the SILVA Explore Chair Backpacks is that you can combine adventure and comfort.

The SILVA Explore Chair Backpack is available in two sizes (35L and 45L) and two colors. You’ll most definitely find one that fits your needs and taste. This backpack has a clean design with no unnecessary details. However, we haven’t compromised the functionality a bit. There is a pocket on the outside, perfect for a SILVA Vacuum Flask, and there are also two pockets (one big and one smaller) on the outside for easy access. On the inside you find several smaller pockets. The water resistant material makes it ready for the toughest conditions, and the chest strap and waist belt facilitate the carrying and make it even more comfortable to bring. With the SILVA Explore Chair Backpack you always have a seat with you. Perfect for one-day trips like outdoor adventures and orienteering events.


  • Farbe blau
  • Viele Taschen
  • Reflektierende Bereiche
  • Wasserdicht
  • Volumen 45 Liter

Artikelnummer 37513