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Sportident Kontrollstation BS11-BS

Sportident Kontrollstation BS11-BS
Sportident Kontrollstation BS11-BS
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Identification at check points in Ski orienteering and MTB orienteering is more specific then in foot orienteering. The unique design of the BS11-BS (Beacon Small) is special adapted for these applications with main feature contact less punching system.

New key features are:

  • The Sportident Station BS11-BS is compatible with the already existing SPORTident system parts and can be configured by software SI-Config.
  • The SPORTident-Station BS11-BS features same but reduced coil from BSF11-BL embedded in BS7 case with an increased RFID output.
  • The battery life time is 48 hours and can be charged by USB.
  • The station can work in the common control mode as well as in beacon mode

Operating mode -Beacon Control-

What is a beacon? Wikipedia says a beacon is "traditionally a fire lit on a hill to attract attention".
Based on this definition we use the term for the BS11-BS operating mode. The station transmits in 50 ms steps a data record comprising the internal real time, the code number, and the operating mode. The station cannot register any feedback signals from the SIAC like the BSF7/8 stations.
Ability to be used as beacon station perceiving SPORTident-Active Card SIAC1 at punching distance up to 60 cm (BS11-BS-red) or 120 cm (BS11-BS-blue).
The station can work in operating -Beacon control- as Start, Control, or Finish station.
In beacon mode, the data record of the passed control stations will be saved in more than one SIAC1 at the same time. The number of SIAC's can be registered simultaneous is unlimited.
Please note: When the defined working time is over the station switches OFF automatically. The working will not reset after each punch !

Operating mode -Control-

Perceiving SPORTident pCards at punching distance within 3 cm. This makes it easier to use a SPORTident pCard for leisure and competitive outdoor sports.
Like all other SPORTident-Stations the BS11-BS cannot register in operating mode Control more than one pCard simultaneously.
Every punch sets always back the working time to 00:00. In practise stations it run as long as a punch will be done within the working period.

Handling and service

  • The BSF7 station only needs minimal services. In typical application cycles only station’s real time has to be monitored.
  • Station’s settings can be changed by using the software SI-Config.
  • The rechargeable battery has a capacity of 1750 mAh. This is enough to power the station 48 hours without a break. After that the battery must be charged via USB connector.
  • SPORTident-Station BSF11-BS feature with an easy firmware upgrade mechanism.
  • Stations firmware can be uploaded by the user via USB connection. This feature keeps the station up to date and enables the implementation of additional functionality.
  • SPORTident provides the software SI-Boot including the current firmware at
Supported modes active
Switch ON/OFF by magnet
Configurable operating modes Clear, Check, Start, Control (lap time), Finish
Beacon modes Start, Control (lap time), Finish
Real time clock yes
Display front side
Internal power supplie 1750 mAh Lithium battery, rechargeable by USB connector
Battery voltage metering yes
Typical working time without recharge 48 hours
Dimensions 115 x 62 x 32 mm
Weight 148 g
Registration range in mode (Control) Up to 3 cm
Registration range in mode (Beacon) Up to 60 cm

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