2015 in Review

Finally, a summary about my orienteering year 2015:

The first training camp this year was together with my team mates from Ulricehamns OK in Portugal. We had a very tough schedule, running POM and doing orienteering trainings between the stages. I had a good result at the Long distance World Ranking Event, even though I ran some loop-controls in the wrong direction – otherwise it would have been an exceptional one.

Next up was Lipica Open in Slovenia – this time with a very stony first stage and second stage with better runability.


The next week we had an excellent 10mila training camp north of Stockholm with good weather and many kilometers orienteering.

One of the two national team activities I attended this year was the easter training camp in Croatia. Piles of stones on Krk, some deep snow in the mountains and lots of fallen trees on the relay training will be remembered.

Immediately after that I spent a week in Sweden and participated in Kolmårdskavlen relay.

In May the national season kicked off with three competitions in Salzburg. A frustrating weekend: last-minute changes in our team due to sickness, a mispunch in the sprint relay and as a result no competitive team at the forest relay. However, the individual middle distance proved that I was close to the best (+1.31).

Similar situation with my 10mila-team, many cancellations before the competition.

To fight for the first individual medals we had to travel through Germany to the most-western part of Austria, Vorarlberg. And it turned out to be worth traveling, as I won the first individual championship medal for a long time.

Middle distance in Vorarlberg. Austrian champs 3rd place.
Middle distance in Vorarlberg. Austrian champs 3rd place.

The Jukola relay is always a highlight in the orienteering year. As my orienteering skills were not with me that night in the Finnish forest it became a truly long night.

Jukola. Photo: Hirvonen
Jukola. Photo: Hirvonen

One week later I could show my skills in Austrian forests again and I won my first World Ranking competition!

World Ranking Event podium
World Ranking Event podium, later both my sister and I won the Austria Cup overall

O-ringen in my Swedish home-town Borås was a big motivation and I got some days of good training in the area to get used to 1:15.000-scales again. O-ringen itself was the most exciting orienteering week of the year!

Photo: Petter Trens, BT
Photoshoot for a newspaper story. Photo: Petter Trens, BT

My biggest goal for 2016 are the World Championships in Bohuslän, Sweden. A lot of work must be done to be able to run fast in this kind of terrain. Several marsh interval sessions were followed up by orienteering. Moreover, I participated in a regional competition on a warm summer day in Uddevalla where intense and physical tough orienteering was offered. The winners prize – a special lamp – lights up the dark winter evenings and has become my WOC2016 motivational symbol.

Not competing a lot was a success factor and kept me hungry for more during the whole season. One of my long term goals has been to become Austrian champion in the long distance, which I did (and another World Ranking event victory).
ORF made a TV report and followed me during the competition: watch the video.

A couple of days later I wanted to use the good shape to run an Swedish champs middle A-final… but there is still a lot of development potential in nordic terrain. I guess many can relate to that feeling:

As the World Cup and WOC selections earlier this year were published without a positive notice for me I got instead the opportunity to compete at Euromeeting in Estonia. This year the Austrian national team sent a (mens) team for Euromeeting including one coach.
Of course I wanted to use these competitions and the trainings the days before to get a first impression of the WOC2017-terrain in Estonia. The training areas were green in all nuances, so we were happy about the nice competition areas! Even though the Estonian hospitality made the stay pleasant, the trip made me even more eager to go ‘all-in’ for WOC2016 and not think about 2017 just yet.

The perfect end to a successful season was to win the last Austria cup event with a two second margin.

This year both my sister and I won the Austria Cup overall in the senior elite class for the first time, and that we did it in the same year made it even more special.

Thanks to all my supporters - see you out in the forest!

Thanks to all supporters!

Austrian Champion Long Distance

Foto: Kalliany
Photo: Kalliany

I have been aiming for a Gold medal at Austrian champs for some time now. Last Saturday it was finally my day!

The time after O-ringen has been spent focusing entirely on forest orienteering – in Sweden, where I already kicked off the WOC2016 preparation and in Vienna. As I’m not selected to run any World Cup races or at World champs my goal for the autumn season was to win the last national championship race. In the lead up some of the co-favorites disappeared by not registering because of private reasons, so I had to deal with being the big favorite for the long distance.

2-days competition Styrian O-days, both stages counting as World Ranking Events, were held in completely new orienteering terrain around Traboch and in Donawitz.

On the first part of the long distance I didn’t execute the route choices (8-9, 12-13) perfectly and at the arena map exchange 3 seconds separated me from Martin who became silver medalist. I knew that the second half would be decisive so I was very focused and tried to go as hard as possible. From the arena passage until the end of the butterfly-loops I extended my lead to 2′ 39″. My biggest mistake was right after the loops where I lost about 50″. Otherwise a really good performance.
Running to the last control I didn’t knew how fast I was compared to the others. I just heard that it’s a matter of seconds, so I had to give everything until the finish line. The margin was actually comfortable 3 minutes 51 seconds, but it is always nice to finish with style.

Great to see that hard work pays off and finally get a national title in the long distance!

Map Part 1, Part 2Results, Splits, TV-report ORF Sport, TV-report ORF Sport+
Public service broadcaster ORF has made a long report about the competition which will air on ORF Sport + at following times:
15.09. 20:15 / 16.09. 8:15 & 23:15 / 17.09. 11:15 / 18.09. 2:15 & 14:15 / 19.09. 5:15
It is now available on ORF TVthek and for viewers not from Austria on YouTube.

Second day in Donawitz offered an interesting sprint right outside Voestalpine, where New Zealands Tim Robertson brought some international touch in mens elite class. My performance was quite okay and as third and best Austrian it was a nice bonus competition for me! Results

Foto: ÖFOL
ÖSTM Lang 2015. Photo: ÖFOL
The tough climb (100m up) right after the map exchange suited me well. Photo: Kalliany
The tough 100m-climb right after the arena passage suited me well. Photo: Kalliany
Foto: Kalliany
100% until the finish line. Photo: Kalliany
Austrian champs in Styria, the green heart of Austria

Back on top

My plan was to use the last summer weeks for lots of training. Instead, I caught a cold, followed by a mid-ear inflammation resulting in the longest sickness period in my life. Just in time for the national long distance championship it felt okay again. However, my technique was not the best and I became 5th – not great but an okay result if you consider the weeks before. The day after we were going on training camp to Slovenia and I had to pay a high prize for the first competition weekend after being sick. I was totally empty and had to skip some sessions. During the whole week I couldn’t recover. Back home I got sick again.

After that my shape was building up really fast and I had my first victory in an Austria cup event this year. A very steep middle distance (5 km, 370 m climb, 500 m downhill) at nordic skiing Alpen Arena in Villach. Next day our team (OLC Wienerwald) was second best club team at the first Austrian sprint relay. We have a strong team and I’m sure we will fight for the medals next year at the first championship event!

One week later it was time for a smaller competition in Wienerwald terrain, the long distance championship for Vienna and I won it for the 6th time in front of some other national team members.

Next up is Race the Castles – urban orienteering in Edinburgh and Stirling with a big number of world-class elite athletes. Check out the website if you are interested to participate, it’s easy to get a flight to Edinburgh. Today is the last entry deadline!

Sprint relay team
Sprint relay team: Anna, me, Henrik, Radka
Club training in Vienna
Club training in Vienna
Mountain running
Mountain running

ÖM Nacht – Bronze und Gesamtzweiter im Austria-Cup

Zum fünften Mal in der Saison wurde ich 3. bei einer österreichischen (Staats-)meisterschaft. Diesmal war es im Nacht-OL (ÖM).

Die Posten waren so wie so oft in Österreich bei Nacht-OLs ohne Reflektoren. Ich finde es schade, dass es nicht einheitlich Reflektoren bei Nacht-OLs gibt. So ist auch ein gewisser Zufallsfaktor gegeben: Siehst du einen Läufer vor dir deinen Posten stempeln, kannst du in vollem Tempo in den Postenraum hineinlaufen. Bist du allerdings alleine und richtest dein Licht nicht direkt auf den Posten, kann es leicht passieren, dass man nur wenige Meter vorbeiläuft und wertvolle Zeit verliert.

ÖM Nacht: Gold für Gernot Kerschbaumer, Silber für den Italiener Klaus Schgaguler und Bronze für mich.

Mein Lauf begann sehr gut, die ersten drei Posten lief ich sicher und fehlerlos an, dann folgte jedoch der erste Fehler bei Posten 4. Nach einer kleinen Extrarunde ging es weiter. Ich wählte bewusst Sicherheitsrouten, bei Posten 7 hatte ich jedoch im in der Nacht diffusen Gelände Schwierigkeiten, konnte mich dann aber beim größeren Sumpfstreifen auffangen. Danach ging es im Großen und Ganzen sehr gut, ich konnte die Fehler in Grenzen halten.


Nach kurzem Schlaf folgte am nächsten Tag der letzte Austria Cup, eine Langdistanz. Am Tag ging es OL-technisch noch etwas besser. Ich wurde zwar nur Vierter, mit dem Rückstand von 3min 21sek bin ich zufrieden. .
Cool war, dass Henrik mir beim Getränkeposten sein Energie-Gel zur Verfügung stellte und ich dadurch bis ins Ziel wieder etwas schneller laufen konnte.


Somit wurde ich Zweiter in der Austria Cup Endwertung, nur 1,07 Punkte hinter dem Sieger Martin Binder. Ein Ergebnis, mit dem ich am Anfang des Jahres nicht gerechnet hätte.

World Ranking Event in Tirol: Uphill

Die letzten beiden Etappen des Tiroler 6-Tage-OLs waren World Ranking Events und zugleich 5., 6. Austria-Cup und ÖSTM Langdistanz.

Bei der Mitteldistanz am Samstag startete ich als Letzter – der Start wurde bereits abgebaut während ich mich auf meinen Lauf vorbereitete… Und schon ging’s los. Erster Posten gleich bergab, kurze Unsicherheit im Postenraum. Danach weiter zu 2 – die Sümpfe erinnerten mich an O-ringen 08 in Sälen. 3er war okay, beim 4er erster fataler Fehler. Ich wollte die Sumpfrinnen erkennen und an der zweiten hinauflaufen. Erblickte aber keine und war dann bereits zu weit vorne im Hang. Ich hatte bereits einige Höhenmeter bewältigt und überlegte ob er oben oder unten sein könnte, entschied mich aber für oben, da wahrscheinlicher und lief unsicher hinauf. Dann sah ich aber die Wegabzweigung weiter oben und fand anhand dieser Information den Posten doch recht bald.

5. Austria-Cup, Mitteldistanz (2010-07-03)

Dann versuchte ich sehr kontrolliert zu orientieren und es ging wieder besser. Posten 9 lief ich perfekt an. Zum 10er lief ich bewusst ohne viel zu fallen, als ich mich beim Dickicht auffangen wollte fand ich allerdings keinen Weg und die Rinnensituation interpretierte ich anders. Zuerst lief ich hinunter, fand aber nicht das “besondere Objekt” und entschied mich hinaufzulaufen um mich beim Weg aufzufangen. Gesagt, getan und danach zögerte ich trotzdem noch zum Posten. Posten 4 & 10: 1,5 + 2,5 min = 4 min Fehler. Ich ärgerte mich sehr und dachte, der Lauf sei somit schon gelaufen. Ich pushte aber trotzdem noch zu den nächsten Posten, und ab Posten 12 ging es dann aufwärts. 260 Höhenmeter am Stück.

Überraschenderweise war ich dann mit dem Lauf bester Österreicher in der WM-Quali und machte 1062 Punkte bei meinem 3. World Ranking Event.

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