Airtrim Sport Heat & Moisture Exchange Mask
Airtrim Sport Heat & Moisture Exchange Mask

Airtrim Sport Heat & Moisture Exchange Mask

Protect your lungs from cold and dry air

Use an Airtrim respirator when it is cold outside. The air you breathe through the filter is heated and humidified by your breath and your windpipe is protected from the dry and cold air. Airtrim lets you effortlessly walk, exercise, and be outdoors for extended periods in winter. Highly recommended for and popular among cross-country skiers and high-altitude mountaineers.

Airtrim is suitable for people who are sensitive to cold air, practice sports in cold weather, work outside in wind and cold, work in the freezer and refrigeration industry, have asthma, COPD, or suffer from angina. 

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The AirTrim mask is intended for anyone in a cold or dry environment. It can be used by all ages. AirTrim saves some of the heat and moisture from your own breath to warm and moisten the air inhaled. This will make it easier to breathe in cold/dry conditions and also help maintain core body temperature.

Do not forget to dress warmly for the rest of the body. It is easy to forget that it is cold when the air you breathe is hot!
Airtrim is a heat/moisture exchanger which recovers the heat and moisture from exhaled air. The filter heats the air you breathe in, protecting your air passages from the cold. Airtrim Standard comes packed with two different filters. The filter inside the mask is a sports filter, suitable for winter training.
During continuous use, the filter gets very damp, and you should clear it regularly by blowing vigorously through the mask. Avoid touching the wet filter as it tears easily. Allow the mask and filter to air dry.
Always bring along spare filters on long training sessions and mountain trips. Spare filters must be kept dry.

  • The AirTrim mask is easy to fit. It is held in place with an adjustable, high-quality elastic strap.
  • The mask is easily lowered and refit if you need to drink or eat while using the mask. Full removal not required.
  • The mask fits all adults and most pre-teen children.
  • You can breathe with your mouth and/or nose. Your normal method of breathing remains the same at low and high activity levels.
  • Helps maintain your core body temperature in cold weather.
  • Can be used with any outdoor activity.
  • AirTrim has been used from +5°C to -55°C at all altitudes (sea to mountain).
  • Can improve sports performance in cold conditions.
  • AirTrim masks are easy to maintain: let the mask and filter air dry at room temperature; masks may be cleaned with a damp cloth.
  • More effective and easier breathing than scarves and wraps.

Racing filters

The racing filters were developed especially for sportspersons who drive themselves hard and don't need a great deal of warmth. They provide varying levels of heat recovery and have lower breathing resistance than the original filter.

Air temperature measurements wearing Airtrim.

The temperature of inhaled and exhaled air was measured on a subject wearing the Airtrim mask in ambient temperatures of -22°C and -10°C. The measurements were made approximately 1 cm inside and outside the filter. The tables below show the values for inhaled air.

Sports filter in the mask

Ambient -22°C -10°C
Standing +19°C +26°C
Walking +9°C +24°C
Running +10°C +19°C

The tests were carried out by the Ergonomics and Psychology Section of the National Institute for Working Life at Solna, Sweden.

The AirTrim mask can be used by people doing many different cold weather activities including:
- walking and standing
- cross-country skiing (fitness and racing)
- running/jogging
- bicycling (roads and trails)
- mountaineering, mountain climbing
- winter hiking/camping, sledging
- orienteering, snowshoeing
- industrial refrigeration work
- outdoor ice skating (pleasure and speed skating) - outdoor maintenance

Set including 1 racing filter + 1 sports filter


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