VJ Integrator High Orienteering Shoes

VJ Integrator High Orienteering Shoes

For your ankles

Ankle supporting shoe has never been this light and comfort before. Integrator high is only 100 grams heavier than normal Integrator. This means you can enjoy the light and well-fitting feeling but at the same time run without fear for your ankles. Superior contact outsole with studs will provide you good grip wherever and whenever you run. Choose Integrator high to show your love for your ankles.

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  • Shoe with ankle support
  • Metal Studs
  • Width fitting: Normal
  • KvamO cushioning
  • FITLOCK-system
  • Molded footbed
  • Superior Contact outsole
  • Drop 6 mm


Orienteering Shoes should be washed immediately after use. Do not store wet shoes in a plastic bag.

  1. Remove the insoles.
  2. Wash the dirt off the shoes.
  3. Use a maximum of 30 degree water and mild detergent and wash the shoes by hand.
  4. Dry at normal room temperature or when drying outdoors, avoid direct sunlight.
Metal studs
Shoe Fit Scale
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