VJ Sticky Running Shoes (UK 4.5)
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VJ Sticky Running Shoes (UK 4.5)

VJ Sticky Running Shoes (UK 4.5)

Sticky is a lightweight orienteering shoe with a sticky rubber outsole and provides excellent grip. In dry weather, the shoe can be used in any terrain. Despite the light weight materials it offers good protection from rocks and branches.

  • UK 4.5 (EU 37.5)
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A true off-trail running shoe.

  • Revolutionary comfort. Never before has there been heel and forefoot cushioning in orienteering shoes. Big microfibre-urethane cushioning units, inside torsion support and molded insole. That's what we call KvamO.
  • FITLOCK protection gives the arch strong support and the shoes is like a sock. The rubber material of FITLOCK protects inside of your feet against punches from beneath.
  • Sticky Rubber outsole. Traditionally the weak spot of studless shoes are wet rocks and roots. You can imagine the difference between shoes with and without metal studs if you have been driving a car with both studded and studless winter tyres. You can manage well with the studless tyres, you just have to be more careful and think ahead. Because Sticky's outsole material is very soft the grip is surprisingly good in all conditions.


Orienteering Shoes should be washed immediately after use. Do not store wet shoes in a plastic bag.

  1. Remove the insoles.
  2. Wash the dirt off the shoes.
  3. Use a maximum of 30 degree water and mild detergent and wash the shoes by hand.
  4. Dry at normal room temperature or when drying outdoors, avoid direct sunlight.
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