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Sportident Printout Station BS7-P

Sportident Printout Station BS7-P
Sportident Printout Station BS7-P
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The SPORTident BS7-P printout station is a compact evaluation unit to read out, save and evaluate data stored in SPORTident-Cards.
Print results function with automatic sort into different courses. Custom specific print layout is possible (headline, footer, code numbers replaced by plain language) with software SI-Print.

Supported modes standby, active, service
Auto-on with first punch yes
Configurable operating modes Card readout, Clear, Check, Start, Control, Finish, Printout
Real time clock yes
Special feature auto send out, card dump option, easy firmware upgrade, auto on mechanism
Display bottom side
Power supplies Lithium battery: AA / 2000mAh
Battery voltage metering yes
Battery consumption counter yes
Typical working time without battery change 4-7 years
Backup-memory 128 kByte
Max. no. of punches
SI-Cards in the backup memory
Backup memory overflow behaviour oldest data will be overwritten
Connector D-SUB9 male
Dimensions 113 x 62 x 31 mm
Weight 148 g
Cable 1.5 m

Artikelnummer 13200