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Sportident Card 9

Sportident Card 9
Sportident Card 9
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€ 40,00

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Number Reservation Service
Colour Cardtop
Elastic band
Colour Cardbody

It is faster and better than all previous SPORTident-Cards. Thus the data exchange time are only 115 ms. The card is able to save up to 50 split times.

Special highlight: the SI-Card 9 is also available in different fancy special colours. SI-Card 9 is compatible with SI stations BSF7 and 8 only.

  • Life time: > 20 years
  • Capacity: 53 control punches (50 controlcodes in 24h-format / start, finish, clear)
  • Counter: up to 4 weeks
  • Compatibility: only with BSx7 and BSx8 setting with firmware V.5.49 and higher
  • Dimensions: 65 x 17 x 8 mm

If you choose the Number Reservation Service: Please enter at least two card numbers (must be between 1.000.001 and 1.999.999) and the name of the person that will use the card for each ordered SI-card. Sometimes the preferred number is already taken by someone else.
E.g. "1st option: 1123123, 2nd option: 1400231"
Ready for delivery in 1-2 weeks. SI-cards without customized numbers and colours are usually in stock.

Art.No. 10300