Sportident BSF8-SRR (Short Range Radio)
Sportident BSF8-SRR (Short Range Radio)

Sportident BSF8-SRR (Short Range Radio)

The SPORTident short range radio (SRR) enables wireless transmission of SPORTident data records over distances of up to 8 metres. The radio is working in the licence free 2.4 GHz radio band and can be used worldwide. The following SPORTident products are enabled for SRR:

  • Data sources: BSF8-SRR, SIAC1
  • Data receivers: SRR radio dongle (connects to a PC), SIGSM-DN (GSM modem)
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SI-SRR uses two radio channels (named “red” and “blue”) to achieve a robust data transmission with a low error rate. While the data sources use the two channels simultaneously, the data receivers always work at one and the same channel.

A typical application case for SI-SRR are the so called “online controls” in orienteering sport. Because the control point in orienteering can be placed at nearly any position in any terrain a wired data transmission from the control station can be uncomfortable or even impossible. SI-SRR creates a wireless data bridge to a receiver or repeater mounted some metres away.

In an AIR+ application records are transmitted by the SIAC when passing a checkpoint on the course. Again the receiver is placed just after the checkpoint.


BSF8-SRR supports the transmission of the currently created data record (i. e. when punching with a SI-Card) with the operating modes CLEAR, CHECK, START, CONTROL and FINISH. The operating mode ‘SIAC radio readout’ does not require a BSF8-SRR station and is only supported by SIAC1 (see next paragraph).

The BSF8-SRR has to be configured by using the software SPORTident Config+. The following settings have to be set:

Enable ‘Auto send’, Disable ‘Legacy protocol’

To avoid unwanted energy consumption the radio module should only be activated (setting ‘Auto send’) when a radio receiver is present.

Information about Sportident Short Range Radio (external link)


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