Sportident MTB Enduro Set S (50 SIAC)
Sportident MTB Enduro Set S (50 SIAC)

Sportident MTB Enduro Set S (50 SIAC)

The SPORTident MTB Enduro Set is a fully featured AIR+ configuration of SI-ActiveCards (SIAC), SI-Stations and more accessories. SPORTident AIR+ designates system features for contactless identification and timekeeping in extension of the classic system.

All needed equipment (for 4 Stages) for timekeeping is available in a complete set, delivered in a suitable transportation case. SPORTident guarantees an easy and rapid installation even in areas where access is difficult. With the set you get many possibilities of evaluating and showing the data (e.g. live results at the course, Internet). With the MTB Enduro Set we provide you a complete solution for your MTB Enduro event.

This set is for 50 participants.

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Set contains

SIAC - Active Card 50
Control Station BS11-BS small 4
Control Station BS11-BL large 4
Control Station BSF8-DB blue (Clear, SIAC ON, SIAC OFF, SIAC Battery Test) 4
Main Station BSM8-USB mini-Reader 1
Elastic wrist band for SIAC (25 cm) 50
Mounting holder for BS11-BS small 4
Coupling stick 1
Instruction card "Service/OFF" 1
Transport case grey, with insert 1
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