Sportident Main Station BSM8-USB mini Reader
Sportident Main Station BSM8-USB mini Reader

Sportident Main Station BSM8-USB mini Reader

The SPORTident Station BSM8-USB is based on the BSM7-USB hardware core. It can be used in any configuration. Mostly it is used as a mini Reader - to read the data of Sportident timing chips. The station has a USB cable and can be connected to a PC or Android device with USB-OTG.

For environmental reasons the station has no internal battery, the power will be provided from the USB port.

The BSM8-USB Station is compatible with the already existing SPORTident System and can be used mixed with older equipment.

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  • It was a special goal to develop a device which meets the growing requirement to protect our environment best. The BSM8-D-USB has no internal battery, the station is powered only by the USB port. The SPORTident-Station BSM8 features with a very low power consumption, the laptop battery will not be stressed.
  • The BSM8-D-USB station features with a higher transmission speed of 38400 baud. This transmission speed automatically is selected each time the station is plugged into the USB port. For compatibility reasons the station can be switched into a lower transmission speed of 4800 baud. The higher transmission speed results in a significant faster SI-Card readout process.
  • The station is always in Active Mode when connected to the USB port. Turn off into Stand-by Mode is affected automatically when the station is removed from the USB port. Earlier turn off by using the Service/OFF-Card is possible.
  • The BSM8-D-USB station features with an on-board service display visible from the back side. The display shows quickly station's settings like time and code number. Each SI-Card number appears for 3 seconds after punching.
  • Using the Service/OFF-Card the station can also be switched to Service Mode. In Service Mode the station’s LCD display indicates additional information like serial number and firmware version. Service Mode is automatically terminated after 10 minutes.
  • The station's real time clock system is calibrated and temperature compensated (starting with firmware V5.53). This offers higher accuracy also at very high and very low temperatures. The internal time resolution is 1/256 s, approximately 4 ms.
  • The station’s backup memory can store 1022 SI-Card5 data records in Readout Mode or 21802 punches in control station mode.
Supported modes standby, active, service
Auto-on with first punch yes
Configurable operating modes Card readout, Clear, Check, Start, Control, Finish
Real time clock yes
Display bottom side
Backup-memory 128kByte
Max. no. of punches SI-Cards in the backup memory 21802 / 1022
Backup memory overflow behaviour oldest data will be overwritten
Case transparent blue
Connector USB-A plug
Dimensions 101 x 51 x 19 mm
Weight 100 g
Cable 1,5 m


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