Moscompass GT Thumb Compass
Moscompass GT Thumb Compass
Moscompass GT Thumb Compass
Moscompass GT Thumb Compass
Moscompass GT Thumb Compass
Moscompass GT Thumb Compass
Moscompass GT Thumb Compass
Moscompass GT Thumb Compass

Moscompass GT Thumb Compass

The new MosCompass GT compass not only combines the best design elements of the thumb and the traditional compass plate, but also includes new technical solutions. GT plate innovations provide significantly improved running direction and distance control, making the map easier to read. With the new MosCompass GT plate, it is much easier to keep the chosen path to the checkpoint, thus increasing confidence and running speed.

You can specify which capsule you want for this compass when ordering.

  • L - left hand
  • R - right hand
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The new GT plate can be used on both - the right and left hand, compatible with all MosCompass capsules with different needle speed and stabilization qualities.


The red dots at the top of the plate allows you to fix current location and read the map in that area.


Using the new technical solutions of the compass plate, it is possible to run the selected distance stage route significantly faster and more accurately.

HOW TO APPLY moving from point Xa to Xb:

There is a running direction line on the compass plate, that is interrupted between two red dots. One of the dots shall be placed at the athlete's location on the map and the other in the direction of dot Xb. The distance between the red dots of the plate is exactly 2cm to determine the running distance in nature.

An open field at the top of the compass plate makes it easier to read the map in the running area. When turning the map according to the compass, the direction line on the GT plate together with the extended end of the plate clearly indicates chosen running direction.

To maintain the chosen direction while running, the athlete must constantly rotate his body perpendicular to the direction of the compass direction. This is not an easy task, because a person has binocular vision, but with peripheral vision, the direction line visually "shifts slightly”. Horizontal line at the bottom of the compass plate helps to keep compass in the right position to ensure vertical line of the direction is kept straight, thus improving accuracy of movement.

The new compass allows to determine and control the direction of running much more precisely.

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