The ARC Jet Series comes with the fast and stable Jet 2.0 needle, providing world-class performance in needle speed and setting time thanks to a new construction within the capsule.

The Arc Wing baseplate gives extra stability and support in comparison to previous models.

It comes with an attachable thumb plate for those who prefer the more classic thumb grip.

The thumb compasses are available in three models:

  • Arc Jet with transparent capsule
  • Arc Jet S with the Spectra Speed Dial System
  • Arc Jet 360 with rotatable capsule and the Silva 1-2-3-System

Additionally, Silva introduces the compact compasses Arc Jet C and Arc Jet CS suitable for smaller hands, for women and kids. The capsule and needle performance is exactly the same as in the regular version, but the ground plate is smaller.

ARC JET Thumb Compasses

with unmatched needle stability


In addition to the compasses there is also a new magnifier, to help you read all the details on the map more easily. The ARC ZOOM magnifier is available in two sizes, the compact version fits the smaller Arc Jet C and Arc Jet CS compasses.

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